Gedore Wiring Harness Repair Kit – with consumables

The Gedore Wiring Harness Repair Kit – with consumables is universally suitable for standard wire/terminal connections on passenger cars, commercial vehicles, vans, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, trailers, and semi-trailers.
Especially for wire/terminal connections with and without single conductor seal (ELA), such as MCP-2.8, JPT, MQS, DTM/ DT-twisted, SuperSeal-1.5, as well as for conventional crimp connections such as wire lugs, flat spade wire terminals, female flat spade wire terminals, butt connectors, etc.

UNLOCKING, STRIPPING and CRIMPING, all stored within easy reach in a clearly arranged case system.
Defective, oxidised, or provisionally repaired wire/terminal connections can lead to serious system failures on the vehicle. For this purpose, the repair kit for professionals in particular offers a comprehensive and robust assortment for the quick and professional repair of almost all common wire/ terminal connections on the vehicle. Due to the unique and compact basic tool/ changeable insert system, this can also be expanded as required in the future.
The scope of delivery already includes a generous assortment of the most common contacts and seals.
UNLOCKING: Unlocking tool with matching interchangeable inserts for a damage free release of a wide variety of cable/plug connections from the connector housing.
STRIPPING: Stripping tool with razor-sharp interchangeable inserts for precise stripping, especially for cables with extremely slippery PVC isolation.
CRIMPING: Crimping tool with interchangeable inserts for a perfect crimping result as ex works, guaranteed by the special cable / plug positioners. The tool can only be opened again when the pressure required for the crimping process has been fully applied.



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