Gedore MODULO 270″ Assembly Trolley

The Gedore MODULO 270″ Assembly Trolley is the ideal, mobile workstation for fast, organised, and efficient repairs.

Content / range of application:
• Various drive parts for operating the tool kits
• Removal and insertion of wheel bearings and hubs
• Removal and insertion of wheel bearing units
• Pulling of wishbones from the steering knuckle clamping hole
• Removal of bonded and jammed joint shafts
• Pulling and forcing into place of support/guide joints, silent blocks and joint bearings
• Pulling of stuck screwed wheel bearing units
• Counterholding of wheel hubs when loosening and tightening the wheel bearing central bolt
• Pulling of stuck wheel bearing inner rings from the wheel bearing
• Compressing of ear O-clips and locking of stepless hose clips
• Separating of ball joint connections of steering and axle systems
• Loosening and tightening of inner tie bar joints or axial joints
• Also suitable for Subaru wheel bearings as well as Ford/Mazda/Volvo silent blocks rear axle
• The universal solution for nearly all repair work on axles
• Also for dismounting inner ring bearings and separating ball joint connections for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
• Various helpful hand tools

Required drive parts:
KL-0215-35 M25 – Hydraulic pump
Suitability: universally

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