ACE 18 ATF Machine

The TCMATIC ACE18 is complete with;

Integrated database with illustrations:

The database integrated in the station enables you to find the right adapter quickly and confidently. The ACE18 provides comprehensive instructions for the flushing process:

  • Vehicle model/gearbox type
  • ATF type with vehicle manufacturer’s specification
  • ATF quantity
  • Tightening torques
  • Correct adapter

Advanced electronics:

All servicing processes are monitored by advanced electronics, preventing any damage to components.

  • The automatic recirculation feature prevents damage due to excess pressure.
  • Automatic flow direction detection: The integrated pressure sensors always detect the right direction of flow of ATF.
  • Automatic ATF temperature measurement: The flushing process is started automatically.
  • The electronically controlled two pumps ensure the ideal flushing speed, adapted to the type of gearbox.
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Vehicle manufacturers recommend servicing automatic gearboxes;

  • To avoid high secondary costs in the event of problems
  • To extend the service life of automatic gearboxes
  • To maintain good vehicle performance
  • To prevent malfunctions due to wear and contaminated ATF
  • To ensure a more comfortable ride